Do I need developer profile or certificate for automating an iOS app?


I am new user in Appium. With Appium I can install and launch my iOS app in iOS simulator by the .app file . But I can’t inspect the app also can’t access the uniq id of the app elements which are given by the developer .
Another thing is if I provide the bundle id of the app in that case the app wasn’t launched and gave a error. So all I want to know this to solve this problems specially to access the element id t do I need developer profile or certificate or something like team id?

It would be very helpful to have solution from you. Please let me know if you have any confusion
about my question.

Thank You.

Can you explain a little more with logs because if you are able to install and launch IOS app then you should have acess to xml tree.
What actually is happening, is your app crashed on launch ?
The developer profile and org id required when you want to test on real ios device not on simulator becasue IPA is need to be installed in real device.

You can inspect elements via Xcode as well as via Appium mac desktop app

Via Xcode

1.Open Xcode app.
2. Go to Xcode-> Developer Tools-> Accessiblitiy inspector.
3) Select the process (simulator) and tap the UI elements to see the ID

Via appium desktop app.

1.Open Appium app
2. Go to Appium->New Session Window
3.Add capabilites and start the session

@auto_mate and @vinbos Thanks a lot both of You.

When I try to create a new session from appium with adding bundle id capability then the app is installed but not launched, it crashed. The same thing is happening when I run it from my ide. I have attached the appium log file, please have a look.
After removing the bundle id, the app launched properly but can’t access the element id given by the developer.
Another thing I want to add for ios device I’m using Simulator ( I’m working on mac) but for android, I need to use real device , in that case I must need developer profile, right ?

appium-server-logs.txt (16.2 KB)

“deviceName”: “iPhone 5s”,
“app”: “your app file”,
“isReset”: true,
“platformName”: “iOS”,
“automationName”: “XCUITest”
try to create a session in aapium using desktop app
try with only appium with above capabilities and also please try manual installing your app on simulator and check is it crashing if so than there is an issue with your app build.
And for android you are not required any developer id that id required only for ios when running test on real ios device.

Thanks a lot @auto_mate

Welcome @Nadia_Zaman. Is your issue resolved ?