Documentation for appium-xcuitest-driver?


I’m just getting started with Appium and am trying to use appium-xcuitest-driver to automation tests against ios simulator. I’m having a really hard time finding documentation for xcuitest and looking over the code isn’t making sense to me. Can someone point me to documentation for this feature?

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  2. java based examples -

Oh, from that example, it looks like they instantiate an IOSDriver. Is that correct? When I tried that, I got a message that I’m supposed to use XCUITest driver with iOS 10 or higher & XCode 8 and higher

yes. and not only “they” :slight_smile:

I was able to figure this out on my own. The examples above did not apply to my situation, because I am using JS and iOS 10.2 with XCode 8.3. Thanks anyway though.

Hi mantisbayne,

What are you having issues with? I may be able to assist l.

Hi Mantisbayne,

I have similar challenge in our automation. where we need to install .cer (Root Certificate) file in to simulator (Perfecto) , could you please share me the approach you took solve your problem. I would appreciate if you share some sample code also regarding this.


rather start a new thread. You are having a very different problem to the original thread.