Documentation for launch troubleshooting is a deadlink

I have an intermittently failing app launch issue.

The traces keep telling me to look here

I managed to find a really old copy of the docs, but it’s not a troubleshooter at all, it merely describes what the parameters mean, and since I’m having an intermittent issue here, and I am myself using adb to provision the package anyway, I’m trying to eliminate possible causes that appium cannot spawn the activity, when in fact to me it looks like the activity is valid.

If you go back to appium/appium/ there is a note explaining the move:

I think it’s part of the move to Appium 2.

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Ah, that makes sense, still holding off on the upgrade, just been too busy.

For now I suspect the launch issue is caused by an uninstall adb command that is probably busy cleaning up still, when I run an adb install, but did not wait for uninstall to complete, so here to hope I am guessing the intermittent cause correctly.