Does Appium have support for iOS 12?

Does Appium have support for iOS 12 ? I am trying to use recently release Beta version of Appium to run my tests on iOS 12 Beta but couldn’t succeed. I think Facebook recently release a fix for iOS 12 in WebDriverAgent and Appium’s WDA doesn’t contains that fix. Can anyone please help me out on this ?

As per the release notes there is support for iOS 12 beta 5.

Thanks Harshit. I know the support is released but there is a issue in WDA which is fixed by Facebook few days ago to work with iOS 12 and without that fix in WDA it wont work with iOS 12. Here is the fix which needs to be in WDA.

I also want try run test on iOS 12. Is it fixed?

Could some one please provide the detail step that need to perform. I have older versions on appium, WDA and xcode. Which is working with iOS 11.3.

Please guide me all steps that need to be followed to run test on iOS 12. Thanks.

I did test on iOS 12 with latest appium release and it works fine. What is the error your getting?

If you want to use the latest WDA you can clone FB WDA inside node_modules and still use it

Hi Sai,

Can you please let me know appium version, xcode version you were using for iOS device execution?

It is working perfectly fine with Appium 1.9.0 and Xcode 10 and Xcode 10.1 Beta.

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Does it work with Appium 1.8.x.

No the iOS 12 supports come from Appium 1.9.x. You can check the release notes for this.

Which selenium version is compatible with ios 12 ?

Following this question I want to know which version of selenium is supporting iOS 12? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Follow the below steps. It works for me
TouchAction action = new TouchAction(driver);,fromY))
.waitAction(new WaitOptions().withDuration(Duration.ofMillis(600)))
.moveTo(PointOption.point(toX, toY))

it is extreamly slow on ios 12

Selenium 3.12.0 will work fine for iOS 12 testing. I am using Appium 1.10 with xcode 10.1 & OS version 10.13.6 and it works fine for me.