Does appium studio supports react native app

The react-Native app has an attribute called testID which converted to view-tag in appium with the use of espresso driver. But, this driver never allows automating the third-party apps. My query is, does the appium studio will overcome this issue and which driver(espresso/uiautomator2) will support to automate the RN apps? If it is possible then I can switch to the appium studio from appium to automate the android RN app.

NOTE: I’ve been using the appium for testing android apps. Now this React native app’s testid attribute is not visible in appium’s uiautomator2. And espresso driver(one more driver in appium) has support for testid visibility but it doesn’t support the third-party apps.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I know nothing about Appium studio. It’s a third party commercial product, which has a similar name.

Unfortunately view tags are not exposed to the accessibility manager and this is how Android works. That is why they are not visible to UIA2.

Thank u @mykola-mokhnach