Does appium support swift language?

Hi everyone,

Does appium support swift language? I see it support object-c.


There’s this swift selenium client:

It’s under construction, which is why we don’t list it with the others.

If people want to submit pull requests to improve, please do!

So is this still under construction of does appium support swift now? From the looks of it, it’s not supported but it’s not clear.


Take a look at that project. If you are a Swift developer, you can quickly build it out to support more Selenium endpoints.

Here’s the JSON Wire Protocol docs for reference:

It’s pretty easy to formulate http requests to these endpoints.

okay, got it, thanks. I will see that.

+1 for swift bindings for appium

While using " pod ‘Selenium’ " we are getting Objective C Selenium Framework. So we need to bridge to use in Swift Code.
Please give a solution.

Thank You.