Does Appium supports GUI testing?

Hello All,
I am a novice in Mobile device automation.

I have to basically focus on more of the UI of application rather than on its functional part.

So does appium supports UI testing say verifying color of the buttons, which button is enabled, which is disabled, font color, font style, image positions, relative position of Application content and so on…

Please guide!!

Hi Nishant,

If you are looking more on visual testing rather than functional testing, you can go ahead with applitools and appium integration. Applitools is very promising, I have done a POC with it and it worked .


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Hi Donald,
So it can be inferred that Appium alone cannot perform UI automation, which is its drawback.
Can you please suggest an open source tool which can perform UI automation on android device.

Well, not necessarily. Appium might be useful, but it depends on how the app under test is built. If its UI components have attributes or properties that define its state (color, selected/highlighted or not, enabled or not, location coordinates, etc.) then you can validate whether those values are correct or not with Appium. But for testing that it is actually “rendered” visually correct in the device/simulator, you would need a tool like Applitools.

But Applitools, if I’m not mistaken is for validating the visual aspects, it won’t “drive” your application into the desired states and workflow screens, therefore you still need Appium to do that part of it, and call Applitools on the visual state validation parts.

If you wanted a single tool that kind of does the validation and driving in one (although that may or may not be best), you could look at Sikuli and Experitest’s tools, that drive app by image recognition of UI elements.