Does Appium tests the same app which can be going to release in the market?

Could you please tell me the same app going to be tested with appium or not? And how Appium will differ with other Mobile Automation tools?

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it depends on the Platform and the Backend (for Android) you would like to use for testing.

An ios app needs to be signed with an dev provisioning profile. (No other modifications are required)
Android apps tested with uiautomator backend don’t get modified.
If your are using Selendroid they also get resigned during installation.
If you use Hybrid Apps on Android you need to make the WebView debuggable.

That are the only changes you need. As far as i know. So nearly production like apps but no completely.

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Aluedeke’s answer covers most of what I know.

I don’t believe Roboelectic modifies the app, nor Robotium, but I haven’t worked closely with them

Appium signs (modifies) your apk, modifying the file (but not the behavior) you provide for the appPackage capability in place. If you already sign your apk, then you can set noSign to true in your capabilities.

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Roboelectric does’t run on device, its executed in an normal jvm → so apk required at all
Robotium doesn’t require modifcation of the apk, only requirement is that your test apk is signed with the same certificate as your release apk

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Adding to what everyone else mentioned, you need a debug version of your app not a release version if you are planning to work with webviews in Android.

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