Does IOSDriver start the Appium server automatically? (Java)

Hi all, I’m new to Appium and have been playing around with it for a little while now. All the examples I’ve seen talk about starting the Appium server separately (either from the command line or the GUI) and using

IOSDriver(URL, Capabilities)

to start up IOS Driver and connect to the server with the specified URL. However on my first attempt for some reason I just used


and this seems to start up the Appium server automatically, presumably presuming you don’t have one to connect to. This makes sense to me, you don’t even need to worry about using AppiumDriverLocalService to start the server programmatically.
But strangely I can’t find any information about this feature at all, everyone seems to use the first method and start the server themselves, is there a reason for this? Something I’m missing?!

Many thanks in advance,

So no-one can help? This information isn’t available anywhere which I find absolutely staggering. Oh well…

See here

The 1-arg IOSDriver constructor calls this constructor of its parent class. It seems like the parent class creates a default Appium service for itself.

Yep, I’m surprised no-one else seems to use that method though. Cheers