Does iwd work with xcode7.3.1 and appium 1.5.3

I know there are several posts on this already… just wanna raise attension :slight_smile:

tried appium 1.5.3 and xcode 7.3.1, ios 9.2, does not work…

IWD is pretty critical piece for the performance, without it, two time s slow.
appium dev, please help on this, or confirm us if it is supported or not for xcode7.3.1 and appium 1.5.3, thanks

No - not out of the box but there’s an easy fix for it.

There was an issue with IWD which was reported and fixed by @Russ and this fix got recently merged into the Appium sources.

I applied the patch to myself on an installed 1.5.3 release version and re-ran the script. IWD is working fine for me since then with Xcode 7.3.1