Does the mobile device under test need to have an ip-address to use appium?

Will the device under test need to have wifi enabled so it gets an ip address before we can use appium to connect to a port on the device or is it possible to connect to and run tests with wi-fi off and if so, what ip address would we use to talk to the socket server on the device ? Pardon my ignorance if the question does not make sense.


Did you mean you wanna communicate to Mobile testing devices over Wifi connection?

Hi Hemang,

it is required than your device must connect to wifi
to get IP.

then to connect your device over wifi use following steps

connect your device with USB
Hit- adb tcpip 5555
o/p- restarting in TCP mode port:5555

Remove the USB cable

then Hit:
adb connect* IP of your device*:5555

[for iP > go to Settings > wifi > menu > andvance > Ip address]

Confirm that your host computer is connected to the target device:
adb devices

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