Does winium (Tool for windows automation) supports automation on real device

Can anyone reply with capability required to set for working with real device.

Thanks in advance

Are you talking about this?

If so, isn’t that different from Appium, so how does that apply to this discussion group/list?

Nevermind my earlier post, I assume you were referring to Winium of this thread: How to Automate Windows Phone 8.1

You’d probably want to contact the user who mentioned winium there. and/or file issue, etc. to that winium project.

Winium.StoreApps.CodedUi does support testing on real devices, but it is early prototype and does require Visual Studio Premium or higher.

Winium.StoreApps does not support testing on real devices, it supports testing on emulators only. Also it require adding test server reference to the app under test, to make it testable.

Just an update here: Once we get the appium architecture refactor done we are going to try and integrate the Winium.StoreApps.CodedUI implementation. The new architecture should make it very simple to integrate new drivers. We may even look at writing integrations for the other versions as well.

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@penguinho: Thanks for that good news and could you please provide an update on integration with appium.

@penguinho, I want to know the status update as well. Thanks.

I also want to know the status of this module