Drag and Drop don't reach the exact destination

Hi all.

I use the following code to implement drag and drop.

action = TouchAction(myDriver)
action.long_press(x=startX, y=startY).move_to(x=endX, y=endY).release().perform()

But, the target element don’t reach to the coordinate(endX, endY).
The element stops just before the destination.
The moving distance is short a little.

I tried the following code

action.press(x=startX, y=startY).move_to(x=endX, y=endY).release().perform()

This code acts exactly as I expect as for the position of element.
But, it performs immediate moving not as usual drag and drop.

I need exact drag and drop for my test.
Please help me.

Appium Version : 1.10.0
Target platform: Android(Simulator)
Language: Python
OS: Windows7

Today, I wanted to get logs for this issue.
I couldn’t reproduce the issue.
long_press and press ended in same right result.

I don’t know why.
But I close this issue.

I apologize for wasting your time.

Thank you.