driver.PushFile for ios does not work, It gives org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Method has not yet been implemented

io.appium:java-client: 5.0.4
appium-xcuitest-driver : 2.78.0

Is your driver an instance of AppiumDriver or IOSDriver?

Maybe you are using WebDriver driver instance instead of AppiumDriver


My driver is an instance of IOSDriver, basically I have it as

((IOSDriver) driver).pushFile(remotePath, file);

The driver I am using is AppiumDriver
Definitely not a webdriver.

Have you tried to use pushFile for iOS ?

It works for iOS simulator only.

Check Jonhathan edition about it:

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Really appreciated your help

Hi @Telmo_Cardoso
I’m following this link for android:

but while tying to add my project it not working, showing error at .puhsFile method, I have tied by casting AppiumDriver also, please have a look the screenshot

@Telmo_Cardoso could you please help me ?

I’m not working with Appium currently. But from what I remembered pushFile belongs to AndroidDriver. You sure your driver var is an instance of AndroidDriver?

Also you can follow Jonathan code in github (