Driver.swipe ( 100, 1730, 100, 450 ) is not working at python client

self = <appium.webdriver.errorhandler.MobileErrorHandler object at 0x10f1ae750>
response = {‘status’: 500, ‘value’: '{“status”:13,“value”:{“message”:"An unknown server-side error occurred while
I see below error logs, same test case worked before,nothing i have changed (may be MAC os i have updated)
mac 10.12.6
python: 2.7
appium : 1.2.0

processing the command."},“sessionId”:“7a0991fa-808b-40de-8e9a-7f1c10af520e”}'}

def check_response(self, response):
        super(MobileErrorHandler, self).check_response(response)
    except WebDriverException as wde:
        if wde.msg == 'No such context found.':
            raise NoSuchContextException(wde.msg, wde.screen, wde.stacktrace)
          raise wde

E WebDriverException: Message: An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command.

I don’t know about python but in case of java , swipe is deprecated in the new java client libraries and they have introduced TouchActions class to do swipe , drapdrop, multi touch etc , please check !

You can use this:

el = self.driver.find_element_by_id('submit_button')
self.driver.execute_script('mobile: scroll', {"element": el, "toVisible": True})

Hi ,
Just reduce time from 450
to 150…

actually , what was the issue?

cant i just swip up without the element ?,
i want to scroll up /down