Drop down and date picker selection

Hi All,

Pleae help me to find the city from the drop down list and change the date and time in date picker on mobile. I am working on appium and selenium

drop down - http://screencast.com/t/JFMW8Itz

Date and time picker - http://screencast.com/t/4m8vzEGWv

scrollToExact(“text”) function usually works well inside a dropdown list. Try that.

For Date Picker, in my project I am relying on sendKeys for each individual edit box with index [ex: 0 index for Date, 1 index for month and 2 index for Year …]… this is not reliable, but works for now :slight_smile:

I will explore more and let you know, if I get any better solution.

Note : Answered the same in Github portal as well


Hi, sendKeys() is not working for me. Do you have an alternative solution for this? Thanks