EarlGrey - iOS Functional UI Testing Framework by Google

This looks like the equivalent of Expresso, except, it’s for iOS.

The key features offered by EarlGrey include:

  • Powerful built-in synchronization : Tests will automatically wait for events such as animations, network requests, etc. before interacting with the UI. This will result in tests that are easier to write (no sleeps or waits) and simple to maintain (straight up procedural description of test steps).

  • Visibility checking : All interactions occur on elements that users can see. For example, attempting to tap a button that is behind an image will lead to test failure immediately.

  • Flexible design : The components that determine element selection, interaction, assertion and synchronization have been designed to be extensible.

Google Testing Blog link

GitHub link

Has anyone used this or know more about this? Could this be useful for Appium in the future?

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EarlGrey looks amazing. Similar to Espresso, since it requires changing the app under test (linking in a framework/defining custom idle listeners), it’s not immediately useful to Appium.

I hope one day we figure out a way to build on top of the excellent frameworks Google has created (Espresso/EarlGrey).

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