Easiest way for manual mobile testers to learn Appium?

Hello! I run the software testing group, the Ministry of Testing - Boston Meetup.

We have many non-coders who really want to get into mobile automation development. The only way I know how to get into it is the hard way:

  • Learn a programming language such as Java.
  • Learn basic software design principles such as DRY, refactoring, clean code
  • Learn the basics of object oriented programming, inheritance
  • Learn Selenium WebDriver, then concepts such as the Page Object Model, Page Factories.
  • Learn Appium Desktop
  • Learn Appium
    … The first few bullet points I managed to learn in grad school. The others, these past three years.

I usually recommend Alan Richardson’s Java for Testers and his Selenium WebDriver with Java course. Dave Haeffner’s Selenium Guidebooks to get them started.

… I was wondering if there were any other sources I should recommend?

-T.J. Maher, @tjmaher1