Easy ways for XPath

Hey frnds,

Are we having any tools to extact xpath easily than writing in appium in android.


Hi ,
You can use UIAutomator for Android

@dsraidu I use Appium Inspector which gives me the absolute path. Then I modify it to the relative one.

Hope Appium GUI for MAC will help you regarding this than UIAutomatorviewer.


Where can i download that

Do we have Appium inspector in Windows?

I am looking in windows. Not in MAC

Thanks for suggestion

We’ve Appium inspector for Windows, but it is helpless for identifying elements by Xpath.


Download and install Appium.exe for Windows

Where can i download this

Where can i download that.



This will not work. I need some other alternate. If i have your contact# i
will explain you problem clearly


So what is other way for xpath in windows

@dsraidu Can you post the code, appium inspector or uiautomatoreviewer screeshot and which error logs.