Element found but click is not happening

I am able to locate element but click is not happening in device.Script is not giving any error.Test is passing.
I am using appium 1.6,android,selenium-java. Can anyone please help?

logs, code snippet, some details???

Try with Tap instead of click

@deepakkg88 with android phone/emulator enable in development menu to show touches and check where your tap/click actually happens. this helps you to debug your problem :slight_smile:

@Aleksei Thanks.Click was happening some other part of the screen.Now I added an offset to Y coordinate and able to click .

@Aleksei, Same issue is happening in IOS.Is there any option in iPhone to see where click is happening?

Don’t know about your scenario, but this usually happens When you try to come back on a page where element is present.
As an alternate you can get coordinates of that element in inspector and then click on that element using touch event action(.press).

@deepakkg88 with iOS i use log like:

System.out.println(el.getCenter().getX() + ", " + el.getCenter().getY());