Element has attribute "visible=false", but is displayed

Appium: 1.7.1.
XCode: 8.3.3.
iOS: 10.3
Device: iPhone 6

I have native app and run it on ‘iPhone 6’ simulator. And if I look through source code using GUI Appium -
some of XCUIElementTypeCell and XCUIElementTypeStaticText have attribute “visible=false”, but all of them are displayed.

Concern is about: How can I do typical actions with them.

How is it possible?

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If the Visible=false, you can’t perform any action on that. I think you better talk with your developers.

@Dmitriy_Kolechintsev do not pay attention to this. soon you will find many other odd issues in iOS :slight_smile:

Is there any work around? like we do in web with javascript?

I’m facing this issue on one screen, rest are working fine. Appium version is 1.13. Can anyone tell me what changes should be made from development side to resolve this issue?