Element has attribute "visible=false", but is displayed


Appium: 1.7.1.
XCode: 8.3.3.
iOS: 10.3
Device: iPhone 6

I have native app and run it on ‘iPhone 6’ simulator. And if I look through source code using GUI Appium -
some of XCUIElementTypeCell and XCUIElementTypeStaticText have attribute “visible=false”, but all of them are displayed.

Concern is about: How can I do typical actions with them.

How is it possible?


If the Visible=false, you can’t perform any action on that. I think you better talk with your developers.


@Dmitriy_Kolechintsev do not pay attention to this. soon you will find many other odd issues in iOS :slight_smile:


Is there any work around? like we do in web with javascript?