Element Not Found on iOS 16.4 and Appium 1.22.3

Hello guys

I am using Appium 1.22.3 and Selenium. When I attempted to run it on iOS 16.4, the elements were unable to interact with Appium (Element Not Found). However, when I used iOS 16.0, there were no issues. So, is there a solution for this? other than migrating to Appium 2? Because the migration process to Appium 2 would require a significant amount of effort for my project (I also planning for that).

I am not sure what is the reason and I think @mykola-mokhnach will know better. But, I found this: https://github.com/appium/appium/releases?q=v1.22.3&expanded=true#:~:text=Xcode%2013%20and%20iOS%2015%20support
So I guess your appium and driver versions are not compatible with the latest changes of Xcode and iOS SDK
You need to use compatible versions of appium and XCUITest-driver to support your needs(running iOS 16.4 for example).
So, I guess the only way it to move to appium-2.

The best thing in appium-2 is that the drivers and the server are separated so you can only update the drivers to support new releases without the server itself.

And moving to appium-2 should take few hours or 2 days max… it should not take that long, I would like to ask you why do you think it will take a long time and if you want I can instruct you better for doing so.

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