Element selection in inspector no longer working in v 1.3.6 of appium.app


The update to appium.app to bring it up to version 1.3.6 has broken the inspector. Prior to version 1.3.6 you could select items in the inspector and it would highlight the selected element as well as move directly to the element in the navigation panes. Since the update, selecting elements by clicking does not work and if you find elements by using the navigation pane, selected items are no longer highlighted. This makes the inspector somewhat less useful.

I’m using Appium server v 1.3.6 and Appium.app v 1.3.6 on Yosemite. This happens in both native and webview contexts.




i have the same issue . please fix it asap

I’ve reverted back to using 1.3.5 for now.

This isn’t an issue with Appium itself, but the GUI wrappers. You’ll want to notify the Appium dot app/exe teams on GitHub. The GUIs are maintained separately from the server.


I am also facing same issue, where should we notify this concern ?

Same issue persist in OSX 10.9.5

Has anyone found a resolution to this, or made contact with the github folks?
I posted what may be a duplicate here: Appium Inspector displays ipad elements on iphone display

This is the project in question.

I am also facing the same issue, wat is the solution for this?

I have installed appium 1.3.7, on Mac 10.9.7 and facing the same issue, wat is the solution for this?

Just to let you all know that Dan as fixed this problem and the release should be in the next days