Elements are not capturing (not visible in runtime(IOS 8.1))

Hi All,

I’m currently facing a issue finding elements (run time) in IOS 8.1. But this same element is capturing in IOS 7.1 without any issue. I’m running the app on iPhone real device (iPhone 5).

OS Version : OS X 10.10.1
Device : iPhone 5
IOS Version : IOS 8.1
Appium version: 1.3.3
Language : Java

For verification purpose i used isDisplayed() method on element & its return “false” during test run-tim & i ran the same test in IOS 7.1 and its return “true” from isDisplayed method. Please note that this element is visible in Appium Inspector.

Please find the below screenshot on element(Search Bar) which i finding the element using xPath. Thanks in Advance. I’ve attached the appium log herewith. appium.txt (236.9 KB)

I had the same issue but after inserting some wait it detected the element.

Hi divakar20,

Thanks for reply. But that didn’t work for me. i tried that way too.