Elements are not identified if <View> has no width and height

I am experiencing an issue with a react native app if a styling does not contain a width and height for an IOS app on iPhone.

Appium cannot identify any elements on a view if the View or parent(s) of the View have no width or height set, eventhough all elements have a testID. Instead when I use the inspector and I click on an element, the entire text of the view is seen as the accessibilityID/name/label and the whole screen is highlighted rather than the element I clicked on.

The app itself works, all elements are clickable as a user both through a sim and device, but Appium just cannot identify them individually.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Many thanks for the advice

There could be one possibility that IOS apps generally will not allow you read elements and perform actions straight forward due to security limitation. For this you need to ask your developer to enable a tag, by turning it value to true (i didnt remember the what tag exactly, but you can google it). Once that is turned on then appium will start identifying the elements.

Alternatively if you use xpaths for the elements in your script, that should work for you.