Elements displays as an Image

Good Day,

I’m automating an app that have some images created from unity team.
The images contains a lot of elements, but I can’t find these elements because they are displaying under one images view.

Can we handle this with appium or there is another framework or third party library to handle it?

and if so can we find the elements and click on them and so on?

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Will try it thx a lot

Hi @mykola-mokhnach, @Aleksei

Can you please advice on this
Based on the article above I can compare an image with another on my app to make sure it is exist.

But my issue is not this.

Consider the below image
Just an example image

This image has a peace texts.
from my side each peace text represents a section and I want to click on them, my issue that all of them is not displays as elements, in appium i can just find the main image without any elements.
The image is designed by the Unit Team.

Can I find each text here seperatly and click on each one based on the position?
For now i’m tabbing on the screen, and if i change the device the credentials will change and the text will fail

i really with you skip this image test… it is really not so reliable and depends on resolution…

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The issue it is the main page to navigate to the other functionality.
I will keep taping the credentials for now and see if i can find a solution.