Elements in webview are not found in webview context (ios)

I’ve got a webview in this hierarchy:


It contains 2 UIATextField’s and one UIATextField[1]

When I look for the elements while still in the native context, they are all found. In addition, I can click the button object while in the native context (strange)…

But when I switch to the WEBVIEW_1 context, none of the elements can be seen. Any ideas why?

BTW, while in native context I can see the Email element using this locator:

But while in WEBVIEW_1 context the element cannot be found using that locator, nor these:

QUESTION: While in a webview context, do we need to use a locator strategy other than the above?

Yes. You need to access the element as shown below


You have to use the page source to find the name of the element. Calling driver.getPageSource() will give the source code. Hope this help.


You can use Chrome built-in feature (Remote debugging) to inspect for elements in webviews instead of getting the html source.

Use this link.


If we can access and manipulate UI elements without switching context, what’s the point of switching context?

You can’t access nor manipulate UI elements without switching contexts, I was just giving Jeffrey a simpler solution to inspect for elements instead of getting the whole HTML source.

Steve, It never worked for me without switching context so I am wondering how you could able to do that

Yeah, I’m quite stumped and have yet to hear back on my post.

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I was wondering if anyone made progress on this. I’m using the IOSDriver, and after switching to the webview, I can find elements that exist by using linkText.

I can’t find UIAButtons by using findElementsByName(). However, if I use an appium inspector, I am able to locate the UIAButtons by switching the context to webview, and then searching by the UIAButton’s name.

(I can switch context and locate a UIAButton by name using Appium Inspector, but not while running a test. It does work for finding elements by link text though.)

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@Hassan_Radi i checked the link and i found that its given only for ANdroid…
How to inspect WEBVIEW elements for IOS hybrid app.

I tried switching context to WEBVIEW and dumped the pageSource and started picking elements from the source file. But for some objects i was not able to figure out the elements manually.

Is there any way to inspect elements in iOS hyrbid App;s webview

Check this out :smile:

Did you find a solution to this issue?

Any Solution for this? I am stuck here no clue what i can do

Please refer it…!

Thanks for reply. as you said the issue is developers has not enabled the visibility of the elements.