Elements inside the customized view are not displayed

I have a native Android/IOS app that contains a button which when clicked navigates to next screen that contains a textbox which displays a successful message. I have customized the button while designing the screen by providing a background color, color to the font, font style,etc…I want to validate whether the button is displayed with the same details—background color, color to the font, font style,etc…by automating this action using appium. I made by script to invoke the app and wait for 5 seconds and then retrieve the data of the screen using driver.getPageSource() as shown below:-

Thread.sleep ( 5000 ) ;
String xmlFireforButton = driver.getPageSource ( ) ;
System.out.println ( “XML File Value for Button==” + xmlFireforButton ) ;

where the XML file generated by PageSource() method displays the information about different views but not any information regarding the data inside a view…like I am expecting that the XML generated by page source must display the values of background color, color to the font, font style,etc…so that I can cross verify whether the values provided by me at the time to design are displayed properly during the execution of the app…but surprisingly not even a single data is displayed…since 2 weeks I have been searching forums for this solution but everyone says that this is not possible with Appium…due to portable and user-friendly features I don’t want to give-up in using Appium but if Appium’s ability is limited and it can’t help me in solving this solution I better feel to scrap Appium and switch to someother tool but I have been success in lots of areas despite of the present issue with Appium hence have been in a hope that I can get some solution with Appium

Please use the search function to find the answer to your question. This has been asked and answered several times.

Appium’s Android portion runs on the Android Uiautomator API, which in turn depends on the accessibility features built into the Android system. Android views report themselves to the Android framework through AccessibilityNodeInfo objects. Note that the AccessibilityNodeInfo class does not include a property for colors or fonts.

Can you please provide any code that helps to use the search function as I am new to Appium and Selenium hence unable to find any such functionality

He means to use the search functionality that’s available on this Discuss website. He wants you to search for pre-existing threads about the same problem.