Encountered internal error running command: Error: Unexpected data: {"Error":"InvalidHostID","Request":"StartSession"}

Cannot manage to run real iphone with appium Desktop on mac
i define my capability as following
“platformName”: “iOS”,
“commandTimeouts”: 35000,
“newCommandTimeout”: 1000,
“app”: “Users/mosheh/build/MyEye.ipa”,
“automationName”: “XCUITest”,
“deviceName”: “iPhone”,
“platformVersion”: “13.5”,
“udid”: “auto”,
“xcodeSigningId”: “iPhone Developer”,
“noReset”: “True”,
“showXcodeLog”: “True”,
“xcodeOrgId”: “596Y23NABW”
any idea ?

I’m facing this issue too

Just in case anyone else is facing this issue, I’ve resolved it on my machine. What happened was that for some reason my Mac and my iPhone no longer trusted each other.

To get them to trust each other again, I had to connect the iPhone, open up a finder window, click on the iPhone to open the sync dialogue, and at this point it would prompt me to re-trust the machine from the iPhone.

This resolved my issue entirely. hope this helps someone out there who was going crazy like I was!