ERROR: Appium Grid- ' Error communicating with the remote browser. It may have died.' in one of the devices

Hi all,
I am using Appium grid for parallel testing. I am running test cases on two devices connected as nodes to a single machine in which the Hub is running locally.
Test runs well in any one of the devices. However, on the other device, the App just gets installed and launched but there is no further UI action.
The error for this device is coming as:
’ Error communicating with the remote browser. It may have died.’

Here is the JSON configs for the two devices:
JSON config 1:

Json config 2:{“proxy”:“org.openqa.grid.selenium.proxy.DefaultRemoteProxy”,“cleanUpCycle”:2000,“port”:53173,“host”:“”,“maxSession”:1,“hubHost”:“”,“registerCycle”:5000,“hubPort”:4444,“timeout”:10800,“url”:“”,“register”:true},“capabilities”:[{“browserName”:“Android”,“version”:“9”,“maxInstances”:1,“platform”:“ANDROID”,“deviceName”:“ce10182aea56932604-Android”,“newCommandTimeout”:30,“deviceReadyTimeout”:5}]}

Hub is running on port 4444.
Have used appium command line to start two appium server at port 59793 and 53173.

Kindly share your views.
Thank you!

and how you start driver in test code? you should apply different data for each device. more to read ->

Hi @Aleksei , I am starting driver on hub port i.e on URL:

nice. but accept url there are other parameters needed also. like in mentioned above link some parameters should be UNIQUE per device.

@Aleksei the issue has been resolved. I have passed different ‘systemPort’ to both nodes via desired capabilities.