Error numeric keyboard Ipad


I have one problem using appium in a Ipad.
The Ipad does not support numeric keyboard nativelly, so the app use other lib.
When we click on the input, this implemented numeric keyboard open and we can see it.
mobile: tap
args [{"x":429,"y":1154}]
But when I try to read the source, this action is hiding the keyboard and my automated test fail.
mobile: source
args [{"format":"xml","excludedAttributes":"visible,accessible,label,name,value,enabled"}]

Is there other approach to handle it?
Or can we fix this bug?

Just one new information, in Iphone works fine.

Try to provide the actual keyboard container and absolute coordinates inside it or a button element id to the tap extension. Absolute coordinates might not work as expected in landscape orientation.

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what is wrong with sendkeys()? What are you sending input to?

We need to check a schenario where the client click on the keypad numbers, for these reason, we are clicking in the input and readind the source to try to click on the button.
But when we try to read the source, the keypad hide.

Some update in that regard?
The idea is to click in the keypad number.

Be aware that is the user uses a bluetooth keyboard, then what you want to do is no longer covering your path - i’m getting the impression your real defect/regression check is that the app is sometimes not causing the correct filtered keypad to appear?
Regardless, as @mykola-mokhnach explained use the key element ID’s and click.tap on each one