Error: Unable to launch WebDriverAgent because of xcodebuild failure: xcodebuild failed with code 65

Just getting started with Appium/Appium Inspector, when I was trying to launch the iOS simulator through Appium-Inspector, I got the below error message:

[W3C] xcodebuild error message:
[W3C] at quitAndUninstall (/Applications/Appium Server
[W3C] at /Applications/Appium Server
[W3C] at wrapped (/Applications/Appium Server
[W3C] at retry (/Applications/Appium Server
[W3C] at retryInterval (/Applications/Appium Server
[W3C] at /Applications/Appium Server
[HTTP] <-- POST /wd/hub/session 500 31924 ms - 829

Can someone help with this issue please?

What version of Appium?
What version of Xcode?

Hello there,
I was using Appium 1.x via Appium Desktop/Server GUI
And for Xcode I was using version 14.0.1

Ok, I don’t think Appium 1.X is going to work with Xcode 14. Could you try Appium 2?

Just tried with Appium 2 and it worked!!!

Thank you so much.

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oh, why is that? I mean why would appium 1 (vanilla stop working) Is there a workaround for people not wanting to move to the unreleased appium 2 platform yet?


:bangbang: Appium core team does not maintain Appium 1.x anymore since the 1st of January 2022. All recent versions of officially supported platform drivers are not compatible to Appium 1.x anymore, and require Appium 2 to run. Please read the migration guide from 1.x to 2.0 to manage the Appium server.


Version Release date
14.0 September 12, 2022

So September 12, 2022 is After January 1, 2022.

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I think, the confusing part for me is running
npm install -g appium
ends up installing appium 1.x on my computer, unless I add the @next version specifier , some doc links still point to 1.x or are deadlinks since the move. Without an official V2 release date, are we just telling people they have to move anyway and take the risk on getting assistance from the community. Rather would prefer to pay for and get version 2 officially accepted in my team before I start porting from v1 to v2 as I rely heavily on some V1 quirks. But right now I’m forced to move to support Xcode 14 and arm/macOS hosts from the sounds of things I take it?

At my work we have only limited Appium 2 installs, mainly for those who must use Xcode 14. Most do not. Waiting for official release, then will start moving everyone over.

We have built an in-house installer, that will install the version we all have accepted (both iOS and Android teams), but I’ve added a flag (-a) to install Appium 2. Here is the usage if you are interested:

Usage: ./install_appium [options]
-i, --ios Install iOS-specific dependencies
-w, --ignore_warnings Ignore warnings, proceeding at your own risk
-v, --appium-version VERSION Appium version to use (default is 1.22.3)
-d, --dev Include development tools/source when installing Appium
-a, --appium2 Use npm to install appium2 (EXPERIMENTAL)
-h, --help Display this help message

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Ah, that is helpful. Am thinking about trying to make this optional. I’m just in the middle of a refactoring, and the usual product major release madness that most companies have at some point, so I was thinking of doing something very similar as an interim gap measure. Having the option for my team members to use one or the other for now makes a load more sense.

I’m just keen to move forwards so as not be left behind. I’m under pressure to move to a cloud based testing tool, and I’m just knowing it will become a time sink if I do.