Espresso: Out of screen element's "visible" is false but "displayed" returns true

Out of screen element has visible=“false” property in the source XML which is expected (in Appium Desktop too).
But if I check the element’s visibility by using ExpectedConditions.visibilityOf(element), it returns true.

By doing the same chacking using Postman and Mobile JSON Wire Protocol (JSON WP in this case), the “displayed” request on the methods returns true:

    "id": "cd27073b-38d2-4d36-a021-8cd692197185",
    "sessionId": "e2ca66dd-4815-4edc-805f-03a2a4edeee4",
    "status": 0,
    "value": true

This seems incorrect, the “visible” and “displayed” states are supposed to match.

The “visibilityOf” stands for:

An expectation for checking that an element, known to be present on the DOM of a page, is visible. Visibility means that the element is not only displayed but also has a height and width that is greater than 0.

The “displayed” stands for:

Determine if an element is currently displayed.

Appium Java Client commit - c559326686f0ce8f0679264357372e012b616d02 (May 25, 2019)
Appium Server version 1.13.0 (beta)
Platform: Android
Driver: Espresso

Seems this should be reported as a problem