Example of a simple Javascript set up for iOS testing

I am trying to set up an automated test environment for our app, and at this point I have downloaded the Appium desktop application, which is able to display a simulator of the app, no problem.

Where I am no stuck is where to go next. I have been combing the documentation and tutorial videos for two days, and I just do not know how to start building my first tests. I have a test file ready to go, and I have downloaded the appium, chai, mocha, should, expect.js, superagent and wd dependencies, which are also included in the file. We are using Javascript to set it all up. I want to be able to create some tests and run them through the simulator. Can someone please refer me to a simple tutorial that features a javascript set up? Or can someone refer me to a document that has instructions more geared towards a ‘newb’? Thanks

Never used js binding with appium but I think you can see below code