"ExceptionInInitializerError" when attempting to execute a runnable jar file

Tests runs ok when i run it from eclipse however when i export the project to a runnable jar file & attempt to run it i get the following error:
Any what is the root cause?

at com.pp.ios.auto.SendResults.sendTestNGResult(SendResults.java:43)
at com.pp.ios.auto.SendReport.sendMail(SendReport.java:11)
at com.pp.ios.auto.RunIos.main(RunIos.java:37)
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at java.util.Properties$LineReader.readLine(Properties.java:434)
at java.util.Properties.load0(Properties.java:353)
at java.util.Properties.load(Properties.java:341)
at com.pp.ios.auto.TLSGMailer.fetchPassword(TLSGMailer.java:119)
at com.pp.ios.auto.TLSGMailer.(TLSGMailer.java:32)
… 24 more
… Removed 21 stack frames

Found the problem PLS ignore this post!!!
Sorry for the inconvenience

Can you tell me how fix this problem?

currently i am running runnable jars for iOS & Android with no problems so let me know what are you doing exactly & what seems to be the problem.

I added android.jar to project. It was a problem of error