Experitest Appium Studio

Hi All,

Has anyone started using the Experitest appium studio provided by Seetest. I feel the tool is great and i am currently migrating my existing appium test scripts to Experitest appium studio. I am currently facing a challenge where i use Appium driver as generic when performing actions on android and ios , whereas when it comes to experitest there are two different classes SeetestAndroid driver and SeetestIos driver.

Continue using AppiumDriver as it is the base class. Whenever u need SeeTest Related functions type cast your Appium Driver to SeetestAndroid or whatever

@harigovind Thank you so much . Its working now :slight_smile:

How are you liking Appium Studio after these past few months of using it? Has it been scaling well? Also, how do you run your tests? Do you run these tests are rebuilding your app in CI? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, it seem like this tool can be quite promising, but their help docs aren’t particular great.