Failed to run Appium on actual iOS device: Could not launch Appium inspector

I’m new in Appium.
I would like to use Appium to do automation test on iOS application.
I was told that Appium is possible to run on actual iOS device from this video.

Thus, I have device name, platform, UDID of my iPhone parameter filled in the Appium GUI.

When I trying to start Appium Inspector, it failed to run.

And here is my Appium log:

Where do I did wrong to do so? Thank you.

Use bundleid, and try again

Tell me more about it please, thanks a lot

If you want to run on real iPhone, use udid and bundleid

Try to upload app by xcod (Xcode/Window/Devices) and then try run by appium

Thanks Lee.
I would like to ask some questions:

  1. Is it possible for Appium to install *.ipa file into an iOS device?
  2. Can I use use the *.ipa file which downloaded from iTunes with my own Apple ID?
    Or Appium requested an *.ipa file which build from XCode?

Hi CrashTestDummy
It’s a little sorry while calling your userID.
I did try installed my app by AppStore and start Appium but it didn’t work