Failing to set pickerWheel value on app center appium

I want to select the value from picker wheel, for that my code is below:

private static By pickers = MobileBy.className(“UIAPicker”);
waitForElementDisplay(null, 5);
MobileElement rolesField = driver.findElementByAccessibilityId(“Role”);;
List selectRole = wait.until(ExpectedConditions.presenceOfAllElementsLocatedBy(pickers));

This code is working fine on local device, but on cloud send keys does not work.
Getting the below error :

> Error Domain=com.facebook.WebDriverAgent Code=1 “Keyboard is not present” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Keyboard is not present}
and also on cloud via class element can not be selected, it is giving the error:

Expected condition failed: waiting for presence of any elements located by By.className: UIAPicker (tried for 10 second(s) with 500 milliseconds interval)

It might help to share the cloud service you are using. Sometimes they have a proprietary way of using Appium that is specific to the service. Meanwhile, this may help:

It helped, when I am running on local device, but when I am running on cloud, giving the same error which mentioned.
And also the element can not find using class, so giving the 2nd error.

Yeah, since you don’t share the cloud service I probably can’t help.

Let me know what items you want me to post, I will do that.

Here is an article on cloud device farms:

Could your cloud device be on one of those services? If so, you should check their support pages and see if there is a setting or something you have been missing. If you can’t search the pages I’ll give it a go.

yes, it is mentioned there, Xamarin Test Cloud now it is called app center.there is no specific support page for this one. however I have reached out to the support team, but they are taking more time than expected.

I’m taking a look at the forums on Xamarin Test Cloud. This one is interesting:

Tech says that you have to return ‘false’ from the method you use to set up the picker, or the keyboard will be present. Could this help you?

You may want to sign up and ask the question on that forum as well. They look very active and will probably have more insight into Xamarin specific issues:

I also found a tutorial on interacting with pickers on Xamarin:

Maybe that will help as well.