Failure with waiting WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner response


appium 1.9.1

app: /Users/y.user/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/app-eipvxbpegnbxzoanoftzbdyanmso/Build/Products/Appium-iphonesimulator/
platformName: iOS
version: iphone7_ios12.0
automationName: XCUITest
xcodeOrgId: i_cant_say
xcodeSigningId: iPhone Developer
newCommandTimeout: 6000
sendKeyStrategy: grouped
launchTimeout: 1000000
waitForQuiescence: true
name: tests/phone/smoke/
deviceName: iPhone Simulator
clearSystemFiles: true
connectHardwareKeyboard: false
udid: 414E131F-6A1E-4C64-8C1F-11C791FFA7DC

When I starting test WebDriverAgent not send response that app launched. Actually it send in the end but often after several tries. This spent a lot minutes.
Maybe there is bug, maybe I can doing some for solve my problem?

In logs I often have:

[info] [Xcode] [info] [Xcode] 2018-10-02 17:24:54.004874+0400 WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner[10474:249943] Enqueue Failure: Failure fetching attributes for (null): Error Code=1000 “Timeout waiting for fulfillment of promise for ‘Fetching attributes for (null)’.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Timeout waiting for fulfillment of promise for ‘Fetching attributes for (null)’.} /Applications/ 37 1
[info] [Xcode]
[debug] [JSONWP Proxy] Got response with status 200: {“value”:{“sessionId”:“4156CFA8-34DF-41FD-AD83-A79D4379754C”,“capabilities”:{“device”:“iphone”,“browserName”:null,“sdkVersion”:“12.0”,“CFBundleIdentifier”:null}},“sessionId”:“4156CFA8-34DF-41FD-AD83-A79D4379754C”,“status”:0}
[debug] [BaseDriver] Event ‘wdaSessionStarted’ logged at 1538486694009 (17:24:54 GMT+0400 (+04))
[info] [Xcode] 2018-10-02 17:24:54.005546+0400 WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner[10474:249943] Enqueue Failure: Failure getting list of active applications: (null) /Applications/ 37 1

full log


Is there a solution for this issue?