Feature Request - Copy to clipboard on appium-desktop

Hello everyone!
I just started using appium-desktop and after a few days I ended up thinking “how nice would it be to have a “copy to clipboard” button next to the unique ids”.
At first I thought about contributing myself to the project but I’m starting an automation framework for a new company I recently joined so I’m totally swamped with work.

The idea is to add a button next to “Id” (or whatever unique identifier the element has)

I don’t use appium-desktop inspector, but I feel your pain with the inspectors I use for huge ids.

Adding @Daniel_Graham to see what he thinks.

What do you use then?
I tried the inspector of Android studio but doesn’t give me the right IDs

I use uiautomatorviewer for Android and https://github.com/mykola-mokhnach/Appium-iOS-Inspector for iOS.

But I do like your idea for the desktop, that’s why I added DGranham because he his the main contributor of it.

This should be simple enough to implement. If you put in an issue on GitHub I can add it to our backlog.

Added here.

Thanks both!