Find all the elements on one screen iOS - Ruby

I am trying to assert for all the elements with different ids on a particular screen and extract the texts from it. I then compare the texts with what I receive from the back end and pass the test case.

Currently, I am having an if and else condition where I individually go to the element, find its id and extract the text and compare it to the db variable.

What I would like to have is, I load all the db contents into an array, and with .each function, assert those values to be present in the application screen. If present, ignore, if not present, don’t fail the test case, but display what is not displayed.

Is there a way, appium can satisfy this condition

data_collection = ['a', 'b','c']
data_collection.reject do |data|
   find_element (:xpath, "//*[@text='#{data}']")

I am not sure, on how to proceed with this requirement. Any help is very much appreciated.