Find and click on image at screen, without using coordinate or index

I have keys in the application that have the same picture (for example: archive, menu, etc.). They are not signed - just a clickable picture with a redirect to the corresponding menu.
They look the same on all screens, but they can change their location on the smartphone screen (android and ios).
Can you please tell me if there is a tool / class / method so that you can add this image to the project and use it for clicking in each test?
For example, save the “Archive” image in some AnyScreen class in the form of the “clickOnArchive” function and when it is called, Appium will search for such an image and click on it ???

This would make it easier to write code, since you need to constantly look up the index or coordinates of a new location in order to write a test.
Thank you in advance for your help!

@Aleksei May I ask you for help please?

And I want to immediately thank you for the past tips! You helped me a lot. Thank you very much!

You cant ask developers to put element ids?
Image I used last time 3+ years ago. Not sure how it works in latest appium code…

We have id-s
but inspector dont se it

Both android and ios? Are they native apps or some kind of react…?

I suspect that this is connected with the screen flutter.
there are no problems in native.
Then I wanted to use search/click on the picture

you are with -> ?

but now i lock it.

But to understand
in Appium there is nothing like that used by Ranorex?
Ranorex simply has the ability to click on the picture

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This is what I was looking for :grinning: