Find Xpath for imagen with color or other way

Please, I would like to find the correct xpath for the imagen with color gray but I don’t know how.
I tried with the following :

but it’s not working.
Please, if someone could help me… I will really appreciate it.

You can download the app from the play store:

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer.
Sure… I tried that. but I would like to find a difference between seats available and not available for the movie theater.
I mean, the flow is the following: appium should find a seat available to select one. For this purpose, appium needs to identify seats not available, first.

I really apprecite your help.

@Fofi if your view in app NOT webView = NO way. Only difficult image recognitions…
But if this view is WEB try switch into it anc check.

I would try to access native element properties, although it is only possible with Espresso backend. Check the documentation on mobile: backdoor

@ Aleksei ,@mykola-mokhnach Thanks everyone for your answers. I really appreciate it.
Finally, we was successful :smiley:
The solution was the following:
It was requested to add the property : “Content-Description” for each element.

So, we obtained:

Thanks everyone, again.

Greetings and take care! :smiley: