Finding elements for iOS 10 Application

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Could anyone please help me how to find the elements(ID, Name, Xpath, etc.) for iOS 10 applications. As we are aware that Appium 1.5.3 doesn’t support iOS 10 then how do we get the elements. Appium 1.6 doesn’t have GUI.

I think is close to be a beta to support the latest macOS.

BTW: You can install [email protected] through node: npm install -g [email protected]
and during a test run (started via Command Line) you can still open appium(1.5.3) GUI and open its inspector.

Hope this works for you

Notice: before running Inspector you need to configure all data on GUI for the test app, but not ‘Launch’ it, launch appium (1.6.3/4-beta) from terminal. Only after it started, you can click on ‘Inspector’.

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Follow this guide

One easy way to do this is to use driver.page_source, or similar for your implementation. I’ve used this with success. You can then search the output to look for the elements you’re trying to select.