Finding elements on iOS

Hey guys!

I am finding an issue with locating elements on iOS app.
I can only find elements on elements defined in xcode as part of some ViewController.m file (*get some iOS dev to understand this) , but I have few of the elements defined in other files like ViewController.swift or some of these elements are properly defined in Eview.xib.

For now i am using only tap (x,y) to click on these elements.

So my question is, is there any way we can use element definitions in *.swift or *.xib files ?
are we having any plans to support apps developed in swift language?
are we planning to ?

The question itself is not very relevant. XCTest uses accessibility properties in order to perform elements lookup. As a result, you will be able to locate everything that is presented by the application under test to the system accessibility. If you application does not provide a component to the accessibility layer then it will not be visible to automated tests as well.