Finind WebElement using by ID using xpath selector isnt working

I want all of my locators to be the same type of XPATH so that my base page methods all can have find_element_by_xpath methods.

However some of my locators use the ID inside the XPATH i.e. //*[@id='icon_button_container_ll']

[AndroidBootstrap] [BOOTSTRAP LOG] [debug] Finding '//*[@id='icon_button_container_ll']' using 'XPATH' with the contextId: '' multiple: true

[AndroidBootstrap] [BOOTSTRAP LOG] [debug] Failed to locate element. Clearing Accessibility cache and retrying.

However if I try BY.ID and the ID is “icon_button_container_ll” it works fine and can find it.

My Locators are copied from Appium Studio which specifies the Xpaths in this format and works when running the test through it.