Fixing device was changed from Issue

Trying to open the ipad app on iPad Simulator 7.1 which is avaialable but its changing from “iPad - Simulator - iOS 7.1” TO "iPad Retina (64-bit) - Simulator - iOS 7.1.

Fixing device was changed from:"

Verified with all versions of appium but its the same. In version beta we are clearly getting the message like “Fixing device was changed from: iPad - Simulator - iOS 7.1” TO "iPad Retina (64-bit) - Simulator - iOS 7.1
But where as in 1.2.2(Cygnus) we only get the label “Fixing device was changed from:”

Verified the known devices available and here is the list of devices when i ran the instruments command:

Any help on this is very much appreciable.


Some devices don’t work as expected in the simulator. The “fixing” is correcting the bug. If you want to get rid of it and see if things work, the code is in lib/devices/ios.js (