Flutter app with Webview

I am automating tests for a flutter app using Appium and C#. In some scenarios the flutter application has webview within the native app. When I am in ‘Webview’ and I do ‘getContexts’ I get only ‘native’. I expect to see both webview and native so that I can switch to webview for locating the elements.

Can some one please help me whether anyone seen this issue and is it a issue with appium or any ideas to overcome this issue?


make sure you can reach webView from Chrome browser (if it android) or Safari browser (with iOS) with computer and connected phone. Failed? -> go to dev and ask enable webView for debug.


Thanks for quick reply. I changed the flutter code to make it debuggingEnabled: true and I was able to see the webview along with native_app context. I will try to switch context and see how it goes.

Hello , can i ask you how are you using appium flutter driver with C# ?
and how you are using finders byKeyValue etc… in C# ?