Flutter driver deprecated?

Hello guys! As all of the information is 3 months or older, I want to ask if I can use Appium to automate Flutter apps ? Because on many places I read that it is deprecated.

https://github.com/appium-userland/appium-flutter-driver/commits/main ->
last commit 2 weeks ago

Hello Aleksei! Thank you for your answer! I have installed [email protected] (Appium 2.0) so I can use latest appium-flutter-driver which I installed as well. Now I will be trying to create PoC that works with this setup. By any chance do you have such thing which is open-source ?

look with attention here ->

It is from 3 years ago, is it still actual information ?

possibly not :slight_smile: but should be no problem to start from …

Hi @Ivaylo_Ilchev were you able to get this working? I see that Flutter suggests the use of integration_test instead of flutter_driver. But haven’t seen any mention or integration of this to the appium_flutter_driver. The app created from the devs team is not open for the appium_flutter_driver to work wiith it cause the enableFlutterDriverExtension() method is only present in the deprecated module.