For hybrid app how can i scroll with selendroid for web view

I am automating hybrid app, so for webview i need to scroll for selendroid, but its not happening. Anyone pls help me out.

Try this

import: org.openqa.selenium.interactions.touch.TouchActions
WebElement pages = driver.findElement(“vp_pages”));
TouchActions flick = new TouchActions(driver).flick(pages, -100, 0, 0);

// flick params are
flick(WebElement, xOffset, yOffset, speed);

Not working, still crashing

driver.getContext() is printing both native and webview context ??

Yes- like this - [WEBVIEW_0, NATIVE_APP]

app crashing on below line

TouchActions flick = new TouchActions(driver).flick(pages, 300, 0, 3000);

What is the error coming ?

Try this driver.swipe(100,800,100,300,3000); // It should scroll vertically for 500 pixels

I dont think driver.swipe will work for selendroid, even i tried it. no error coming jus appium server get shut down. below is my code

WebElement pages = driver.findElement(TestUtils.GetPropertiesWeb(“AboutMeSwipeUp”));
TouchActions flick = new TouchActions(driver).flick(pages, 0, -200, 1000);

Hi Yogendra,
Below code snippet is working for me in Appium. Can you try it in Selendroid

//Methods to scroll in Webview
public void WebPageScrollAndClickBtn(MobileElement ElementName) {
JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor)driver;
catch(Exception e){
js.executeScript(“window.scrollBy(0, 200)”);
} while(true);


Can you please check with standalone selendroid ?

project is in appium, for webview im using selendroid. so not possible.

I use this script and it work well on context(“NATIVE_APP”)
Thank amitjaincoer191